Biological* Bathroom Drain Maintenance

Biological* Bathroom Drain Maintenance

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Action :
  • Eliminates soap deposits, tartar and other cosmetic or organic waste.
  • Prevents the formation of blockages.
  • Removes bad smells.
  • Leaves a pleasant scent.
Features :

For shower, bathtub and sink pipes.

  • Safe for plastic, metal and chrome pipes.
  • Safe for pipes, septic tanks or fat bins.
  • Free from caustic soda and acid.
  • Contains an enzymatic complex.

Bathroom cleaning, based on enzymes and bacteria, targets all deposits in your shower, bath and washbasin pipes. Eliminates soap deposits, scale and other cosmetic or organic waste. Also prevents clogging, eliminates odours and scents your pipes pleasantly. Used once a week, it guarantees you clean and fresh pipes! Free of acid and caustic soda and compatible with septic tanks.

Directions for Use :

  1. → Pour a little warm water then add the product according to the
    • Maintenance: 2 capfuls once a week in each drain.
    • Slower water flow or bad smells: 4 capfuls in each drain for 3 days then resume regular maintenance.



Available in

Brico, Castorama, Leroy Merlin, Orga


* The product or its components do not come from organic farming. The term "bio" or "biological" refers to enzymes derived from microbiological organisms


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