Privacy and Cookie Statement

Version: 18 May 2021

CHEMBO BEVIL SA is concerned with respect for private life and respect for visitors to its website. We take visitors’ right to privacy seriously, even if it is inevitable that some personal information will be processed. For all questions relating to privacy protection, please contact us at the following email address :

We record certain personal information so that you can use all of our services (Google maps, contact form, etc.). We collect your information in different ways: you send them to us yourself or we collect them via our services such as the contact form. Personal information can thus be collected depending on your usage.

What information do we collect ?

We collect :

  • Your details: family name, first name, and email address.
  • Your data: age, sex, city, and country.
  • Your preferences: language.
  • Navigation: browser, origin, type of device.
  • Tracking: ID, pixel ID, IP address.

What do we do with your personal information ?

Certain personal information allows access to all of the services offered on our website. Customer support also requires the use of personal information, particularly when using the contact form, to be able to contact a visitor again. We analyse certain data to improve our site, particularly data regarding navigation. One of the most common uses concerns marketing and communication. We use personal information such as email addresses, cities, and languages in order to segment and find our target audience on social networks or for sending newsletters. Using these, we may occasionally add you to our mailing list for various actions, promotions, or events that we organise. Your personal data is never communicated or transferred to third parties. You have the right to make any changes to your data that you consider useful.