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How can you clean your bathroom so that it shines as it did on Day 1 ?
Our tips for an impeccable mirror, a descaled bath, a shining wash-basin, healthy drains and perfect tiling.


The kitchen is undoubtedly the room of the house that is cleaned most frequently, because of the possible multiplication of bacteria in contact with food. But the cleaning of your kitchen also involves the maintenance of your drains, the cleaning of your electrical appliances, and so on and so forth.

Heating Maintenance

Your fireplace is clogged, the draught is reduced, you have backdraught problems, or quite simply you have difficulty when lighting a fire. Bevil offers you a simple and effective solution for the maintenance of all your heating installations.

Water treatment

Bevil offers you a complete range of 100% ecological products. They are formulated on the basis of enzymes and of raw materials of vegetal origin. It has been proved that these natural elements are really very effective. This enables Epur to offer high-performance and environment-friendly products.

Swimming Pool Maintenance & Cleaning

The swimming pool: a little corner of paradise…
Because the dream is not a virtual concept, because beauty and wellbeing are accessible today, the swimming pool is universally available and desired…
Whether little or large, it brings you great pleasure and allows you healthy relaxation.

Additifs toilettes portables

In order to reduce the risk of damage, premature wear and problems of emptying the faecal matter tank, we advise you to use Magi Camping sanitary products. The sanitary additives remove the bad smells, reduce the gas formation and keep the inside of the faecal matter tank clean. Use your mobile toilets in combination with these additives. They will increase the comfort level and the facility of use, because the toilets will have to be emptied only once in every four days or so. One less concern…

Home maintenance

Make your home sparkling and accessible with the Bevil multi-surface product range which cleans in-depth and make it fresh and spanking clean. Thus, we undertake to come up with the best products all the time in order to offer you easy, fast and in-depth cleaning, together with some sweet-smelling, refreshing perfumes.