Our products


The Epur range is the biological solution for the maintenance of septic tanks and water of every kind, grease tanks, traditional toilets, grinders, portable toilets, cisterns and rainwater butts. The range is available as liquid solutions and as powders.

Fulgurant sanitary

Fulgurant Sanitary comprises a wide assortment of highly-concentrated products, for the maintenance and clearing of drains, for descaling sanitary facilities and household appliances, as well as other domestic use products.

Fulgurant heating

The Fulgurant Heating assortment consists of products for the chemical sweeping of stoves, glass-fronted room heaters and fireplaces, adapted to fuels of every kind. It also includes a wide choice of cleaning products for room-heater glass door, renovators, waxes, fire-lighter cubes and liquid gel. We also have an assortment that is intended for professionals. It is composed of cleaning products, protection products, leak-preventer and antifreeze products, all dedicated to heating circuits, boilers and burners. The natural Fulgurant range consists, as its name suggests, of products that are 100% natural.

Fulgurant camping

Fulgurant camping includes a range of maintenance products for every kind of portable toilet.

AquaPool by Fulgurant

Aqua Pool is a complete assortment of private swimming pool maintenance products such as chlorine in blocks or as powder, PH correctors, anti-liming, filter cleaning, flocculating agents, wintering and water limpidity. We also have a chlorine-free treatment that is especially suitable for children.


Our Pro products include a range of drain cleanring for kitchens, bathrooms, toilets and sewers.


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