Guarantee contract

Guarantee contract

Using the product you have purchased according to the recommended conditions, you get free personal guarantee..
To benefit you must complete your membership form..
Keep the receipt, proof of purchase of the product. In case of complaint, you will be asked to submit it.

Our guarantee of use :
  1. For fireplaces, the Bevil guarantee applies in addition to the contract of fire insurance that you have subscribed (Home insurance).
  2. The Bevil Guarantee supports the franchise and/or age which would remain at your charge after your fire insurance compensation, limited to €5000.

The guaranteed takes effect from the 16th day after the date of use of the product. Duration of guarantee: 1 year.

We don’t send a document in return. The information that you submit to us here represents a subscription to a potential guarantee (without contractual value) that we offer to our customers. Please note that a chemical chimney sweeping (using product) does not replace mechanical sweeping (by a professional), which is compulsory and requested by insurance companies.

Identification of the Requester :

Identification of the product :

Type of the product :
Marque :
Your installation is :

Personal identification :

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Warning, it is easy to check if this has not been carried out. If you have not used the product, our guarantee above and liability do not apply in case of accident.