About Us

Who we are

Created in 1976, the Bevil Company joined the Chembo Group in 2000 in order to ensure top-quality production and to allow real reactivity for the development of chemical and biological products alike. Its head office is in the Industrial Estate of Tournai, Belgium, at the very heart of Europe.

In 2003, we were rewarded by the Innovation Prize In the field of Biotechnology and in 2008 by the Gazelle Prize awarded the Trends Tendance magazine as the fastest-growing company in the Province of Hainault.

Our values

Respect : To engage in ethical and responsible actions. To establish transparent communication with our users.

Quality : To achieve great performance and excellent results by focusing on a guarantee of quality products.

Flexibility : To meet every demand for domestic solutions, around, inside and outside the house.

Innovation : To show innovation by proposing efficient, environment-friendly solutions.

Our approach

Ceaselessly searching for innovation by developing new concepts based on the use of natural resources, our know-how combines creativity and research with environmental respect.

In order to preserve our competitive edge, our R&D Department is associated with various universities (ULG, ULB) and research centres.

Its various collaborations allow us to access high-level infrastructures and to benefit from advanced experience in various fields.
The R&D Department is at the service of our customers, from a concept or an idea until its final marketing, in order to ensure them a long lead in the market.
New applications thanks to the diversification of our collaborations in developing projects with industrial partners in new sectors (particular industrial waste processing or soil bioremediation projects.